Prior to venturing into the Real Estate industry , Aldrick Loh worked for a multinational company listed on the NASDAQ, serving numerous corporate clients in a 21-year illustrious career, 9 years of which, he was the Director of Customer Advocacy and Reliability Engineering. At the peak of his career, the company offered Aldrick an overseas position during an Operational reorganization exercise. Aldrick declined, as he wanted to stay close to his family and aging parents in Singapore and he began to pursue his hidden passion in the Property Business arena instead.

A dedicated and passionate Realtor, Aldrick prides himself on being the customer's advocate, one who treats every customer with utmost sincerity and commitment because he believes in building long-term working partnerships. His clients range from CEOs, property investors, business owners, doctors, lawyers, professionals, home makers/retirees and even the Chairman of a listed company.

Besides being a successful Real Estate Realtor, he has been empowered by clients from local and offshore locations to manage their property portfolios in Singapore on their behalf.

Aldrick’s services utilises a multifaceted approach to cover all the different needs that a client may have. Starting from understanding the needs of the client, to the actual property search, negotiating the best price, ending with making an offer and closing the deal. He is always there for his clients, helping them to make the wise real estate decisions.

Consistently ranked in the Estate Agencies’ “Top Producers” list for the past 10 years, Aldrick is constantly improving himself, always exploring new technologies and broadening his horizons so that he can add even more value to his clients, ensuring that they will have a hassle-free Real Estate journey.

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